Mastatest® cloud-based diagnostic device makes on-farm testing of clinical or subclinical mastitis in cattle quick and easy.

The system gives you the data you need to make the right decisions for your herd, save time on diagnosis, and focus on treatment.

 Mastatest® detects the presence and type of bacteria and its sensitivity to antibiotics within 24 hours.

 The system is quick and easy to use, and requires minimal training.

1. Fill a cartridge in a few seconds - simply pour the milk sample into a cartridge, pour off the excess, and secure the lid. There are cartridge options for clinical and subclinical mastitis.

2. Automated sample analysis - place the filled cartridge into the Lapbox ™, enter the cow details, and start the test. The Lapbox analyzes samples and interprets the data, using cloud-based analytics.

3. Result and treatment recommendation in 24hrs - fully interpreted results, and a vet-informed treatment recommendation are reported to you via email, and in the online portal within 24hrs.

4. Mastitis data management - results are stored in the secure online portal, accessible to you and your vet. You can review and analyze them over time to inform your major herd management decisions. Key data can be integrated into DairyComp.

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