The Draminski iScan2 is a lightweight ultrasound device that allows accurate diagnosis of large animals. Good battery life and a large screen make it a comfortable and reliable device.

iScan 2 features:

  • Two different probes to choose from. A straight probe for diagnostics related to the reproduction of horses and cattle, which also allows easier diagnosis of tendons, eyes and general body conditions. Convex rectal probe for the rectal examination of horses and cattle. Also for the examination of the abdominal cavity of smaller ruminants and pigs, and for examining the reproductive tract, lungs and internal organs.
  • Highly accurate scanner. In iScan2 design, the attention is paid to all the factors that often affect image quality: screen, dynamic range, resolution. This makes it easy to always make the most accurate diagnosis possible.
  • Lightweight and durable. The aluminium body makes iScan2 resistant to damage. Together with the battery and probe, the total weight of the machine is only 2.4 kg.
  • iScan2 is washable under running water. The tight-fitting cover protects the machine from water and dust, which further increases the durability and allows it to be used even in difficult conditions.
  • The large, easy-to-read image that covers the entire 7-inch screen. The machine is equally comfortable to handle with both - the left and right hand.
  • The battery allows up to 7 hours of operation. There is also space for extra batteries in the transport bag.
  • The most used settings can be saved in the Quick Access menu.
  • It has various accessories such as goggles for working in the sun and an extension of the rectal probe.


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