Calving is very exhausting for a cow. If an animal does not get enough energy and nutrients, it can find itself in a critical condition. RumiLife®CAL24 ™ effectively prevents postpartum hypocalcaemia.

RumiLife®CAL24 ™ is a fast-releasing and long-term absorbing calcium in a single dose (2 boluses), that is to be given after calving. The conical tip boluses are coated with vegetable fat and propylene glycol, which facilitates administration and makes it safe.

Administration of boluses helps to maintain ionized blood calcium levels within the normal range on the day after calving. Absorption occurs gradually through the abdominal wall over a period of 24 hours. In addition to direct absorption through the stomach, there is also secondary absorption in the small intestine. The two-bolus dose contains 100 grams of calcium and 120,000 IU of vitamin D3, as well as magnesium.