Magellan flooring

Magellan flooring for dairy farms is a product by Bioret Agri that has won several. Magellan is suitable for manure passages and milking parlors both, and can be installed on the concrete floor of an older farm as well as on other surfaces.

Magellan flooring has the following properties:

The flooring comes in 2 thicknesses: 16 mm and 25 mm.

  • Non-slip studs for sure footing
  • 2 Narrow channels to break the surface tension of drops and generate flow
  • 3 Median channels to aid circulation and evacuation of liquids

On Magellan's self-drying floor, cows feel comfortable and safe. Uncomfortable postures and strain on the joints are reduced. Their posture is better and they enjoy natural freedom of movement. On the floor, small pebbles remain in the drainage channels, the claws are drier and the cows are in a cleaner environment. This means fewer injuries and dermatitis. By using Magellan's flooring, cows have a longer lifespan, lower treatment costs and increased production.


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