Cyclone Plus ventilator

Cyclone Plus creates the best air circulation in a farm for cooling animals and forced air movement.

Cyclone Plus ventilator has velocity-adjustable fiberglass flow deflectors for animal cooling, insect control, drying of bedding and employee comfort.

Powerful and innovative
  • The Cyclone Plus performs 80 000m³/h with 40m³/h per Watt at nominal speed;
  • The Cyclone Plus is quieter than any other ventilator (68 dB);
  • Less loss of air at the sides of the fan;
  • Includes an automatic belt tensioner;
  • 14% more efficient on air movement compared to traditional ventilators.

Can replace 8 regular ventilators. 

One Cyclone Plus can replace up to eight 91 cm traditional ventilators while using twice less energy. In winter it is wise to use the ventilator on low speed to reduce air humidity and enable the warm air found gathered near the ceiling to circulate.

Cyclone Plus can be mounted both vertically and horisontally.

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