POLYMAT curtains

The Plymat is a unique concept worldwide among all curtain and natural ventilation systems in the industry. POLYMAT curtains are filled with warm air and allow natural light to penetrate through. Natural light, sunshine, and fresh air allow us to create an environment as similar to the external conditions as possible whilst avoiding extreme temperatures, excessive humidity, and wind.

The Polymat is equipped with square poly tubes that are welded at their four corners. This patented concept provides more strength and insulation value round tubes or fabric curtains. Polymat is made of heavy-duty plastic treated to resist UV rays.

Polymat curtains are supplied with an automation system that considers both the internal and external temperatures. Depending on the direction of the wind, the curtains are either opened or closed. Along with Ventec's automatic chimney system, Polymat eliminates almost all humidity from the buildings while guaranteeing excellent air flow and a healthy and quiet environment.


  • Provides building insulation and maximum natural light penetration (with clear tubes);
  • Provides optimal weather tightness (wind, rain, snow, freezing rain, sand);
  • Tube curtain useful life of 7 to 10 years;
  • Simple and economical tube curtain replacement design;
  • Powerful blower system, for rapid on-demand tube curtain closure;
  • Fully automatic ventilation system;
  • Safety cables installed at 1.22 m intervals (optional);
  • Safety system with back-up battery (optional).


  • Innovative and patented concept with inflated square poly tube welded at the four corners;
  • Ultra-tough 0.17 mm membrane, UV resistant;
  • Power-efficient blowers (3x55 watts);
  • Available in various colours, clear or opaque.

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