The Draminski iScan ultrasound machine is small, light and transmits a high-quality image.

Key features of the iScan ultrasound machine:

  • Very lightweight - the machine weighs only 2 kg and measures 17 x 17 x 6 cm. The iScan ultrasound device can be taken anywhere and no extra pair of hands is needed to use it.
  • Long service life - an additional battery with only two hours of charging time ensures 5 extra working hours.
  • Can be used in diagnostics of both large and small animals; in the diagnosis of mammary gland pathologies; to assess the condition of dairy cows and also to assess the condition of the eyes and tendons of horses.
  • LCD backlit display ensures a clear image even in direct sunlight.
  • Washable under running water.
  • Possible to transfer data to a computer via USB connection.
  • The aluminium body ensures good durability. The plastic case is washable and protects the scanner from high and low temperatures.


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