Kovex hoof disinfectant

Lameness is a recurring problem in dairy herds. There can be many different causes but infectious hoof diseases are one of the most common ones. They spread quickly and are infectious already during the incubation period so taking immediate action is very important.

Kovex disinfectant foam quickly creates a wet adhesive layer on the milking parlour. The foam is pale green in colour, which has a calming safe effect on animals. The foam consists of very small dense bubbles and therefore does not produce a sound that could startle the cows. Continuous micro bubbling and effective active ingredients ensure perfect hygiene even in the most problematic areas, such as the toe gap and the middle of the sole.

The advantages of Kovex:
  • Optimal contact time
  • Lower infection risk in healthy animals - reduced spread of hoof infections through the floor
  • Operation at any temperatur
  • Easy to use and less stressful for animals
  • Usage does not alter the daily milking routine
  • An ecologically excellent product that does not affect the microbiological balance of the slurry


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